The Players:

Mike Fretheim...     guitars/vox

Tom Lutz...         drums/vox  Tom Dainsberg...     bass/vox

Travis Williams...    guitars/vox

Kevin Aasgaard...   management

Red Dot Garage is a very versatile rock band. Their set list spans about 50 years worth of rock and roll, r & b, and country. They are also versatile as a unit, adapting to the size and nature of the venue they are playing. They can be a full 4 piece band with a PA big enough to fill any venue in town, or they can set up as a two or four piece acoustic show, creating a more intimate experience. The musicians in this band have been entertaining people for decades and are well versed in giving not only the listener, but whoever they are working for, a good time and a great experience. No BS "rock star" attitudes exsist in this group, they play because they love it. So come on out to a show, or hire these guys for your next event, and they will do all they can to help show you a good time. Cheers.