Red Dot Garage is a four piece  band based in rock, tinged in alt-country, steeped in r & b, and built to entertain. They are 4 musicians with tons of stage experience, and their set list proves it. From classic rock to alt country, and 80's pop to 90's alternative these guys have played it all. Want originals? They have those too. So whether you need a band for a private party, a small bar, a large club, a wedding, county fair, indoors, outdoors, on a boat, in the woods, frozen lake, sandy beach, wherever you have a crowd, or want a crowd, they can entertain you. 

Upcoming Shows

Saturday July 11th 7pm


Full Rock Show

Friday, July 19th 6pm

Detour 19

Mike and Travis acoustic

Sunday, August 2nd, 2pm

Down South Bar and Grill (New Germany MN)

Full Band Acoustic, outside on the patio


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Original Audio Tracks



4 Hours


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